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In French, it's "April Fish". Seriously.

April Fool's Day jokes are kind of lame, unless you're willing to spend all kinds of time and effort on them. Just doing a fake blog post or claiming your strip is coming to an end takes no imagination whatsoever. I do kind of like the tradition of switching your strip with a different artist, but I didn't bother to set that up this year, so it's business as usual.

I say all this so you know that the stuff below is not a joke. And no, this is not part of the joke. That would be incredibly lame, to have a disclaimer indicating that this post isn't an April Fool's joke and then end with "APRIL FOOL!!!" anyway. OK? Ok.

So anyway, I just found out I have Bell's Palsy!

Nope, still not a joke. But don't worry, it sounds more serious than it is. Basically, it's a case of mild facial paralysis (very mild, in my case) caused by something that they don't know what it is. Always reassuring. I had a French-Canadian Dr. House who diagnosed me in about three seconds flat and went to absolutely no trouble to reassure me; I had to find out from the pharmacist from whom I was buying a metric shit-ton of drugs that this condition often clears up entirely on its own and is rarely permanent (OK, the doctor did assure me that it's never, ever fatal, so there's that). Still, we're talking at least a couple weeks of recovery time, which is annoying, since the symptoms include difficulty manipulating the right side of my mouth (and, thus, eating) and blinking my right eye (I have to tape it shut at night).

The latter makes computer-ing a bit of a pain, which is annoying, because I just got done working on a major assignment and was raring to get back into the webcomicking game. As it was I lost most of yesterday (so if the next Freak U. is a little late, my apologies) but now I'm rocking the eye-drops, and I think I'm back into the swing of things.

For starters, I'm back reviewing stuff for Rack Raids (look for a new review up there later today). I've also dusted off my Comicgenesis sites; the sheer volume of Night Shift strips means that I have to store most of them there rather than on WCN. But anyway, I've now brought it up to date; Freak U. as well. (And yes, I'll finish shading the strips that need it today.) As for Amazon Space Rangers--well, I've got a big honkin' message that pretty much spells out where I stand on that strip now. Like I say, I'm going to try revamping the strip (no pun intended) and submitting to AdultWebComics; if that doesn't work, I'm going to have to let it lie for the forseeable future.

On a more productive note, I've entered the Exiern Webcomics Writer Contest, because hey, free money. You can go there and vote on the appropriate forum for the entry you like best (cough, cough) by composing a short, 15-word-or-more poem (that's their way of getting around spam and ballot-stuffing). My entry is The Worldsmiths. I encourage anyone reading this to go and weigh in. I'm actually quite happy with my entry, and it's the kind of thing I'd like to be able to work on, me win!
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